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Wanzhi Intl Trade Business School

Wanzhi Business School is an education base under the Wanzhi Group. It is specially set up for the development of reserve talents for the relevant departments of the group company. By transforming all kinds of information and knowledge into the wisdom of the organization, it has precipitated a set of echelon growth system and operation mechanism that belongs to Wanzhi Group, and continuously brings fresh blood join and ideological innovation to Wanzhi to maintains vitality and competitiveness.
At present, the business school mainly has two core tasks. On the one hand, it is responsible for providing the relevant departments with excellent talent reserves for each echelon. On the other hand, it is mainly responsible for comprehensively improving the leadership and management capabilities of the group's senior executives.


Echelon Talent Reserve

Core Ideas of Echelon Training
1. Decompose the basic capabilities of the functional departments,
 then training each sub-module one by one
2. Process control each part of initial work, in order to lower costs to copy
3. Internal wisdom sharing within the organization
4. Big data analysis to correcting training content and process
5. Matching audit mechanism to evaluate the training results
6. Matching short-term growth planning mechanism based on assessment results



Related Sub-department
International Trade Practice
Provide echelon growth training for relevant departments of import and export projects under the Wanzhi Group.
1. Merchandiser Department
Responsible for following up the production progress of the order, the transportation dynamics, and timely reporting the operation status of the order
2. Document Department
Responsible for the control of order-related documents and review of letters of credit
3. Sales Department
Responsible for the sales of the Wanzhi Steel products

Provide echelon growth training for relevant departments of E-commerce projects under the Wanzhi Group.
Provide echelon growth training for relevant departments of E-commerce projects under the Wanzhi Group.
1. Search Engine Department
Responsible for the content update and related operations of the company's SEM website and SEO website
2. B2B Platform Department
Responsible for the company's daily operations on the traditional B2B platform, including Alibaba and Global Sources
3. Exhibition Department
Responsible for all kinds of domestic and international exhibitions, including exhibition survey, exhibition selection, budget control, itinerary, exhibition dismantling, exhibition effect evaluation and etc...
4.SNS Department
Responsible for daily content updates, press releases, copywriting editors, fan maintenance of related social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Wechat, and etc...

Promotion of middle and senior management
Core Ideas of Promotion

1. Comprehensively analyze the difficulties faced by their respective departments from the strategic layout, team building, investment direction, cost control, KPI assessment, supervision and execution, and the six major aspects of their respective departments
2. Management experience and departmental case sharing
3. Executives personally participate in the lectures, explain their understanding of management, and the company's recent development and strategic planning
4. Paid business management courses to analyze the successes and failures of well-known large enterprises
5. Go out and inspect other company to learn external knowledge
6. Localization and internalization the external knowledge through actual practice
7. Progressive long-term growth planning mechanism

Provide management and leadership improvement training for all middle and high level under the Wanzhi Group

Related Sub-department
Business Management

Provide management and leadership improvement training for all middle and high level under the Wanzhi Group.

The future of Wanzhi Business School

In the longer-term future, Wanzhi Business School will not stop growing, more importantly is realize the rise and improve from internal talent training to social talent cultivation through the accumulation and growth of its own strength, spread the values and ideas of Wanzhi to more companies and influence more people.